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Budesonide Nano Pellets

Budesonide Pellets 0.8% -Available as Nano solution/Soft Mist & Ready to fill in Capsules.

  • Release pattern compared with innovator
  • MKPPL have entrapped 5 mg of drug in 1 ml of the nanoparticle formulation, whereas in the innovator formulation 0.25 mg is dispersed in 2 ml.
  • MKPPL also standardized bud clear suspension (5mg/ml) which is 10 times the concentration of the innovator.
  • Stability proves that the nanoparticles are stable and could be optimized.
  • The release extends up to 24 hours to reach 100%.
  • Offer complete technical package for registrations in all regulated/semi regulated markets.
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Budesonide Nano Solution

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Budesonide Nano Powder

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Budesonide OVB

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