Brinzolamide Opthalmic Nano Suspension 1% W/V – Suitable for Suspension (Dose: 10 mg/ml)

  • MKPPL developed a Nano particle based matrix which can deliver hydrophilic as well as hydrophobic drugs using a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic excipients as a clear solution. This cogent use of excipients ensures that the drug is absorbed optimally and the Nano particles ensure that the drug penetrates not only through the hydrophobic and hydrophilic channels but also through the OraSerrata which protects the eye from any foreign body entering the optical cavity.
  • The formulation is in form of a clear solution and is available in the same concentration as the innovator i.e. 10 mg/ml.  The product can be offered as a solution that can be sterile filtered and filled.
  • We do offer development services in case of a requirement for different formulation/dosage/strength
  • Offer complete technical package for registrations in all regulated/semi regulated markets
  • Products protected by ongoing Patents are not offered by MKPPL.

Additional information

1%, 10mg

Forms of PFI

Nano particles (for Ophthalmic suspensions)

Target Formulations

Eye drops, Suspension

Routes of administration


Documentation Available:

DMF in CTD Format

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