Everolimus Granules – Available as Nanoparticles with 2.68% & 5% Strengths.

  • MKPPL is the first to come up with pellet based approach for immune suppressants.
  • Facilitates direct filling into capsules and can be easily employed in tableting. Nano particles can be effectively used for manufacturing of ointments (Tacrolimus) and solutions (Everolimus).
  • MKPPL pellet advantages includes using a micro emulsion technology. No cyclization of the drug, hence less delta lactones formation.
  • Coated pellets, hence the formulator does not require a contained facility for finished formulation.
  • Offer complete technical package for registrations in all regulated/semi regulated markets.

Additional information

2.68%, 5%

Quality Standard


Documentation Available:

DMF in CTD Format

Routes of administration


Forms of PFI

Granules (for Tablets)

Target Formulations

Capsules, Suspension, Tablets

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