Paclitaxel (protein-bound particles) for Injectable Suspension

  • Nab Paclitaxel is a ground-breaking chemotherapy medication.
  • It is uniquely formulated as an albumin-bound nanoparticle, which enhances both its efficacy and safety.
  • Nab Paclitaxel is utilized in the treatment of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.
  • Administration is typically via intravenous infusion.

Revolutionizing Cancer Care with Nab Paclitaxel Treatment

Advantages of Nab Paclitaxel:

  • Enhanced Solubility: The nanoparticle form of Nab Paclitaxel improves its solubility in water, facilitating easier administration.
  • Targeted Delivery: Nano-sized particles exhibit a preference for accumulating at tumor sites, boosting the drug’s effectiveness.
  • Reduced Side Effects: Nab Paclitaxel nanoparticles evade recognition by healthy tissues, thereby minimizing adverse
  • Higher Dosing: This enables the use of higher maximum tolerated doses (MTD).
  • Improved Pharmacokinetics: Longer half-life and superior tumor accumulation.

The Significance of Encapsulation:

  • Encapsulation of paclitaxel is crucial for precise targeting while minimizing side effects.
  • Conventional systemic administration affects healthy cells throughout the body.
  • Encapsulation guarantees that the drug efficiently reaches the tumor site.

Additional information
Documentation Available:

Dossier available

Dosage Form

Lyophilized nano particles (for Injections)


Sterile single dose vial

Dosage Strength

100 mg / vial


Murli Krishna Pharma – Pioneering Nano in Nano

As pioneers in the field of Nano in Nano Paclionc, Murli Krishna Pharma (MKPPL) proudly presents a ground-breaking formulation enclosed within nano-sized particles. This innovative technique, protected by our MKPPL patent, is set to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Our commitment to precision begins with our proprietary matrix, carefully crafted using an aqueous system. This matrix is meticulously tailored to target specific tumor characteristics, making it ideally suited for breast cancer, intestinal cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The hallmark of our matrix is its remarkable size precision.

Matrix Development Highlights:

  • Our journey to perfection culminated in the finalization of matrix development, verified across five batches, each containing 5 gms of Paclitaxel.
  • We achieved an impressive encapsulation efficiency rate of 65%-70%, demonstrating our dedication to quality.

Ensuring Consistency:

  • Verification studies have confirmed exceptional repeatability in nanoparticle formation and output, consistently achieving 93% to 94%.

In Vivo Efficacy Assessment:

  • In-depth evaluation using the MBT assay on Breast Tumor cell lines yielded remarkable results.
  • Our matrix exhibits outstanding tumor cell inhibition activity at a concentration of 2 mg/ml, closely paralleling ABRAXANE (albumin-encapsulated Paclitaxel nanoparticles) at 6 mg/ml.

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