Tamsulosin Pellets-Suitable for filling in 0.4mg & 0.8mg Capsules

  • Release pattern compared with innovator Flomax.
  • MKPPL objective is to develop Tamsulosin hydrochloride SR pellets by aqueous phase and pellets developed by aqueous technology had better advantage of avoiding the use of organic solvents.
  • In case of fluid bed coater, to achieve the desired sustained release profile equivalent to innovator, MKPPL drug loaded pellets will be coated with polymers, either single polymer or in combination with different ratios.
  • In case of extrusion Spheronization, Tamsulosin hydrochloride SR pellets can be develop by preparing wet mass of API & Excipients.
  • Offer complete technical package for registrations in all regulated/semi regulated markets.

Additional information

0.125%, .13%, .16%, .20%

Release Type

Extended Release

Target Formulations


Documentation Available:

DMF in CTD Format

Quality Standard


Forms of PFI

Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules)

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