We take pride in devising semi-finished formulations with thoughtful selection of matrix and cogent selection of polymers. The matrix is selected based on the physico-chemical properties of the drug molecule. One of the approaches through product development is to devise a process using a non-infringing excipients.

The another highlight of our product development programme that we do the development using aqueous base and we avoid the use of organic solvents thereby toxic effects that arise from the use of organic solvents are eliminated.

Our R&D has devised unique and innovative techniques to render water soluble drugs to be layered using aqueous media. The innovative approach of R & D has ensured product quality that confirms to strictest analytical specifications. The focus on R&D as a key value driver has further strengthened the overall business and growth horizon of the company.

The Department is also responsible of ensuring its conformance to the company’s quality system in accordance with the market needs. It is highly committed to enhance current products as well as applying and developing improved techniques.

The R & D laboratory is well equipped with various ultramodern equipment and technologies required for conducting high quality research activities.

MKPPL’s Research & Development Departments is headed by thorough professionals with vast experience in leading Companies of India. The research team is continuously engaged in new research projects to aid process and technology development, development of new molecules, chemical process enhancement and development of innovative drug delivery systems. Our research activities are closely aligned to the requirements of our markets, with customer needs and technological advances presenting opportunities for future innovation.

We have the necessary resources in place to realize further growth opportunities for the future through research and development activities.

The company’s ultimate goal is to be recognised globally as a research-driven organisation that meets international standards for R&D capability. MKPPL wants to provide the best possible range of international quality products through innovations in process development & through scaling up of innovative technologies for commercial production.

Development Programs:
  • To work with API manufacturers in developing non infringing API’s. Efforts will be made to develop a non infringing pathway.
  • To fine tune the crystal geometry in order to have optimal therapeutic index.
  • To develop semi finished formulations with specific target orientation.
  • Development targeted towards 505 B II filing or PARA IV filing.
  • Development of platform technologies based for similar chemistries of API.
R & D driven manufacturing organisation:
  • Developed semi-finished formulation in form of pellets for a specific segment of drugs like Proton Pump Inhibitors, Anti-fungal, Immune suppressants and Anti-obesity.
  • Have edge over the competitors in terms of developing a wider particle size distribution (right from 1200 microns to 250 microns) and in terms of compliance with bio equivalence with the innovator.
  • The approach is based on developing an aqueous based matrix for developing semi-finished formulation even for hydrophobic drugs.
  • The focus is mainly in developing semi-finished formulations in form of pellets for certain niche segments where the absorption of the drug is either poor or erratic. Pellets improve the absorption as they offer a more uniform surface at the site of absorption and also the release pattern is more uniform compared to granules as the particle size distribution is narrow compared to granules.