MK-VitFe for CKD Patients

MKPPL Vit-Fe for CKD Patients , using Folate , Vitamin B12 , Vitamin D3 with Ferrous Bisglycinate in transdermal form

Anaemia is a common complication among patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD refers to the gradual loss of kidney function over time, and it can lead to various health issues, including anemia.

In CKD, the kidneys are unable to produce sufficient amounts of a hormone called erythropoietin (EPO). EPO plays a crucial role in the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. When EPO levels are low, it results in decreased red blood cell production, leading to anemia.

Anemia in CKD patients can have several effects on their overall health and well-being. Some common symptoms include:

Fatigue and weakness: Anemia reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, leading to fatigue, weakness, and a general lack of energy.
Shortness of breath: Due to decreased oxygen supply, patients may experience difficulty in breathing, especially during physical activities.
Pale skin and mucous membranes: Anemia can cause a pale appearance of the skin and mucous membranes, including the inside of the eyelids and gums.

Rapid or irregular heartbeat: Anemia may lead to an increased heart rate or irregular heart rhythms as the body tries to compensate for the reduced oxygen supply.

Cognitive difficulties: Some CKD patients with anemia may experience problems with concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function.
Managing anemia in CKD patients typically involves a multifaceted approach, which may include the following:

Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs): These medications are synthetic forms of EPO and are often prescribed to stimulate red blood cell production.

Iron supplementation: Iron levels are frequently low in CKD patients, and providing supplemental iron can help improve red blood cell production. This is where MKPPL iron fortification through MKVit Fe gets into place. The product being Transdermal helps in bringing up the lowered haemoglobin levels to normal levels without the need for iron injections. The dosage required for the same will be worked out by us in correlation with leading Nephrologists .

Once we have the correct data in place , we will work out on the dosage and get the necessary approvals from CDSCO for offering the product to CKD patients.

Nutritional support: Ensuring an adequate intake of essential nutrients, such as iron, folate, and vitamin B12, through our Transdermal Lotion along with a balanced diet or supplements is important for managing anemia.

It is crucial for CKD patients with anemia to work closely with their healthcare team, including nephrologists and hematologists, to monitor their condition, adjust medications, and address any underlying causes contributing to anemia. Regular blood tests are typically performed to assess hemoglobin levels and other relevant parameters to guide treatment decisions